Shock skyline

San Francisco Shock

Young, stacked and nutty. It’s time to Shock the World...
San Francisco, CA
Choihyobin - Hyobin Choi
Choihyobin Hyobin Choi
super - Matthew DeLisi
super Matthew DeLisi
moth - Grant Espe
moth Grant Espe
STRIKER - NamJu Gwon
Nevix - Andreas Karlsson
Nevix Andreas Karlsson
Rascal - DongJun Kim
Rascal DongJun Kim
Architect - Minho Park
Architect Minho Park
Viol2t - Minki Park
Viol2t Minki Park
Smurf - Myeong Hwan Yoo
Smurf Myeong Hwan Yoo