World Cup Matchups Set for BlizzCon

We’re less than six weeks away from crowing a champion at the 2018 Overwatch World Cup. And today in Paris, the final two teams—France and the United Kingdom—punched their tickets to BlizzCon, where the Top 8 teams will face off in Anaheim, California.

Those teams will join the other six teams that previously advanced out of the Group Stages:

  • Incheon—Finland and South Korea
  • Los Angeles—Canada and the USA
  • Bangkok—Australia and China

At the conclusion of matches in Paris, the final eight teams were divided into two groups based on each team’s finish at the Group Stages: the first-place teams (China, France, South Korea, and the USA) and the second-place teams (Australia, Canada, Finland, and the United Kingdom).

The first-place teams from each group were randomly matched up against second-place teams from another group. Here are the results of the drawing process, and the official matchups that will be played on Friday, November 2:

Specific match times will be announced at a later date.

The four teams that advance out of the opening-round games will play down to two finalists competing for the championship on Saturday, November 3. The two teams that don’t reach the final will square off in a matchup to determine the third-place team.